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Version 0.0004

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Available Features

Projected Features

Download + Install

Occay runs on Windows, Linux, and any other POSIX system (latter is untested).
The compiled software consists of a single file occay.exe which can be placed wherever you want to (so-called portable software).
If you want to "uninstall" Occay, just delete that occay.exe file.

About the project

Occay is written just for fun in the author's spare time and will updated from time to time.
It tries to pay homage to the ingenious HP Calculators, and not to serve as an emulation of any actual model.

You are encouraged to leave a comment on the project page or on the forum page, any suggestions and corrections are welcomed!
Please report bugs to the bug tracking system.


GPL - see here for details. May be distributed freely. No warranty of any kind.

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